This "Cactus" cleverly hides an RF site.
5G Sites and Coverage

Welcome to the New Reality

5G Wireless technology will require sites that are smaller in size as well as coverage. They will operate at lower powers than sites of earlier designs but will still have a power level capable of exceeding FCC Regulations for human exposure, especially for municipal workers who are required to work aloft.

RF Safety Program

Knowledge is Power

Workers need to be able to control their exposures, that's what makes them able to access Controlled (or Restricted) environments. An untrained worker is treated the same as the General Public, they are limited to lower exposure levels. In order to protect the municipality and the workers training is almost always required. Note that exposure can be from any and all sources of RF energy, not just ones using 5G technology.

At EME Safety we have developed and delivered RF Safety training and programs to municipalities. Interested in seeing what we've done? Just let us know and we'll be glad to email you a sample of training materials. We are familiar with all aspects of RF safety and know you'll be pleased with our program and training.

We know the FCC Regulations as well as Section 6409 of the "Jobs Creation Act" and how it affects sites that have been previously approved. We also know that what is measured today is not necessarily what will be the case tomorrow. In short you need companies known to the FCC as well as other municipalities who will attest to our performance.

Sites now use public infrastructure in many cases