Industrial Uses of EME Vary by Frequency


50/60 Hz

Every building or area with AC or DC power generates EME (Electro-Magnetic Energy). Areas where large currents (> 100 Amps) are present, can create fields large enough to interfere with implanted medical devices. If you have employees with the devices it may require a survey to identify restricted areas.


kHz to MHz

In the kHz to MHz region, induction heating is a common use. These frequencies work well to heat metals or to provide short range induction power transfer. Induction principals also work to heat metal pots and pans in the kitchen.


MHz to GHz Heating

Small to Large heating systems process woods, vinyls, ceramics and other materials than contain moisture. Common frequencies used are from 27 MHz to 2.45 GHz. Generally, the lower the frequency the deeper the penetration through materials.