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We Have Extensive Experience Performing Surveys and Training Persons for Frequencies Between 50 Hz and 100 GHz. For Over 30 Years We Have Supplied Our Clients Accurate Information That Allows Them to Implement the Most Cost-Effective Controls Needed in Order to Comply With International Standards, and With the Knowledge and Understanding Needed To Continue Their Program by Themselves.

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We have a proven track record of helping clients comply with rooftop safety, an important issue with all of the new focus on employee safety. Municipal clients are also a focus as they encounter new RF Safety requirements in the face of 5G build outs in their Right-Of-Ways (ROW).

IEEE C95 Standards provide useful guidance

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Members of International Safety Standards Organizations and the American Industrial Hygiene Association's Non-Ionizing Radiation Committee keeps us on the forefront of existing and emerging EME Safety issues.


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We can assist you with complete facility or plant engineering services, inside or out. 

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